Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Delayed Vacation Pics

I'm still going through all of the pictures from our trip to Orcas a couple weeks ago. There are so many! Here are some pics from the first two days of our trip.

We left the house super early on the 4th of July. (I woke up at 4am on vacation?!) We made the 725a ferry and arrived bright and early. Every year, our friends have a lovely BBQ and party with lots of guests. We took a quick nap then helped put up the decorations.

It was perfect weather for the 4th! We only had a small problem with some wasps and a giant nest in the corner of the porch. But they pretty much left us alone for the day. At night, we headed down to the waterfront to watch fireworks in the sound. :)

The next day, we decided to be real tourists on the island. We've only ever had a day or two - maybe three, TOPS- to spend on Orcas. This time, we had 5 full days to relax and explore. So we did the touristy thing and went on a whale watching tour!

I've only been on one other whale tour and that was for humpbacks in Hawaii (which was AWESOME!). The weather was absolutely perfect to spend a day out on a boat -- so why not?

It started with just two Orca whales off in a distance. Then a few minutes later, we spotted a group of 3 with one little baby. Further down, a pod of 15-20 traveling together! It was J-Pod. The most often spotted group of Orca whales in the area. It was so cool to see so many at once! I only wish I had a longer lens to capture some detail!

I'll follow up soon with some pics from our hike around the beautiful Mountain Lake and under Cascade Falls

Have you gone whale watching?

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