Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fun With Neon

Here's a quick project to brighten any space! Grab some fabulous neon paint and create an 80s masterpiece!

I have a really cool old pair of roller skates and decided they'd make for a fun addition to my craft space.

{You may remember the skates from my Creepy Alien Cat Basket photoshoot}

Craft Supply List:
  • mini canvas w/easel
  • neon acrylic paint
  • small paintbrush
  • pencil

Start by creating your design with a regular pencil and paper. Once you decide on the final look, flip the paper over and use the pencil to shade over the entire space of the design. Flip the paper back over and lay it over your canvas. Now take a sharp tool (ball point pen, needle head, etc.), and outline your graphic. This works like carbon paper to leave your design pattern on the canvas.

Set up your paints and go over the pattern! Quick and easy neon art!


  1. Dude I haven't seen creepy alien basket before--I've been missing out on life.

    1. haha clearly! unfortunately, I had to give him away because he was creeping everyone out!


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