Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dead Lifts and Donuts

I'm checking in with another GCL update. For those who don't know, GCL = (my lofty goal of) Gym + Craft + List (on Etsy). More info can be found in this older post.

The Gym portion of the GCL plan is going great! But I fear once my personal training runs out, I won't be as motivated or dedicated to working out 4-5 times per week. Plus, I always workout my hardest when I'm with my personal trainer. He kills me!! I give myself too many rests between sets when it's just the boypiece and I on our own!

Working with a personal trainer definitely helps to keep it interesting. He switches up our daily routine every few weeks. And the two days a week we train with him is always something new. We certainly have a ton of routines to refer to when we're finally working out on our own!

I still haven't quite attacked the diet portion of this workout plan. I have the worst willpower when it comes to chocolate, french fries, desserts, etc. And it's more than a little frustrating when my workout partner has the opposite goal -- he's trying to GAIN weight! I wish that was my problem!

Alas, just when I feel like giving up, it's weigh-in day again. And I'm down another 4% of body fat. I've lost a few pounds of fat and gained more muscle. My arms are starting to look really good. It's my true problem areas (belly & thighs) that don't seem to wanna budge. I've got muscles, but there is still plenty of fat on top of them. Grrr. Chanting: "More salad. More salad. Less chocolate. Less chocolate."

Maybe my next investment should be a personal chef! If only I would play the lottery -- and then win it!!!

And so...I've pretty much sucked at the Craft + List portion of this GCL plan.

Last week, I had a sale in each of my Etsy shops. I still get excited when I get the confirmation of sale emails. However, I know that one sale every couple of months does not make for a very successful business. I love that I have a stable job and income in the 9-5 world. I just wish it left me more time to work on my shops and dedicate myself to promote and get sales.

For now, I have to work like a dog and hope that someone will stumble on my shops and like what they see.

In my Little Gray Fox craft shop, I sold my nursery decor embroidery hoop. It's one of my favorite pieces --mostly due to the glow-in-the-dark thread!

In my Little Foto Fox photography shop, I sold a couple of my carnival-themed note cards (my faves!)

I've re-listed the items I've sold. But other than that, I haven't actually listed any new items for weeks. Yikes!

Do you have any workout or "get healthy" goals? How is your progress? Got any tips?!


  1. I swear I saw you post Jack N the Box the other day in a Greasy Bag- ;)~ Tia

    1. you totally did! I suck at the diet part -- especially in escrow with no lunch breaks!

  2. Asa, Try the Paleo Diet and Eat 86% Dark Chocolate instead :) Yum-

    1. my trainer wants us to do Paleo. i just haven't gotten organized enough to get started

    2. I always have tons of raw veggies and fruit at work. Cook large amounts of meat(roast, chicken, bacon(nitrate free), boiled eggs, etc) and always eat leftovers during the day at work. Don't forget the fat. I tend to eat a lot of avocados but most people eat a small amount of nuts and seeds too :) The fat is what makes you feel full. Cook in Coconut oils and Ghee for High Heat and Olive Oils for low heat! Its so easy- I never read a book, I work out around so many Paleo eaters and we have nutrition seminars and they all talk about it on Facebook tons.


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