Friday, August 17, 2012

In My Beach Bag

Since we've finally gotten our Seattle summer - I've been spending as much time as possible out in the sunny weather. Luckily, I live just a few minutes down the road from a good swimming lake. And I'm close driving distance to a fabulous beach!

With my number of beachy outings quickly multiplying, I've become much better at packing up my beach stuff in an easy-to-carry bundle. Here is a quick peek of what goes into my beach "bag" (which is actually a folding chair)

I know it looks like quite a mess! But trust me, it all fits neatly into the pocket of my folding chair! And the chair has backpack straps, so it's easy to pack up, throw over my shoulder and head down to the beach!

(1) My big floppy hat comes in handy as a shade for when I want to lay on the blanket and attempt a tan

(2) This beach blanket is super thin and lightweight. It's also double sided (pink/blue) and has weights in each corner to keep it on the sand. I scored it at Rite Aid about 4 years ago. I haven't seen one since, so I'm glad I bought two!

(3) Another Rite Aid score - an umbrella for shade that clips easily to your beach chair!

(4) This one was a Target $2 bin score. It's a bottle that you fill with water and has a pump that unscrews. Just a few quick pumps will allow you to spray a fine mist. VERY handy for when there's no cool breeze!

(5) Sunscreen! I usually carry an SPF 50-80. But I recently bought SPF 30 and it suits me just fine

(6) Chapstick with SPF 45. Sunscreen tastes pretty nasty, so I like to use a separate chapstick protection

(7) SPF 30 sunscreen for faces. I may be 38, but I still get acne. So I like to use the non-oily stuff on my face

(8) Reading material. Depending on the beach, I'll either bring a paperback or my Kindle. If I know it won't be packed, I don't mind leaving the Kindle behind while I go swim. But if I can't keep track of it, I'd rather bring a paperback for peace of mind

(9) Beach towels x 2 -- I can stuff 2-3 more inside the folded part of the chair. But 2 is all I ever really need. One to dry off with and the other for a pillow ;)

(10) Last, but not least - my folding backpack beach chair. I love these things! On a real hot day, it's nice to drag them into the water to sit because they sit real low and have 3 reclining positions!

Here's how it all looks as I'm packing it up. I usually just slide the umbrella between the folded part and it doesn't fall out.

Here's how it looks once everything is secure. Just throw it on your back and go! Other than the Kindle, everything usually stays like this in the back of my SUV. Just in case I'm driving along and get the urge to sit out and relax!

It's gorgeous out right now but a bit too hot for my taste. 96 degress = blargh! So I'm inside and enjoying the a/c. This weekend will be perfect beach weather -- if only I could go!

Alas, I just won't have time to play in the sun. It's getting down to the wire with move-in day fast approaching. So I'll be spending this gorgeous weekend indoors! Bummer! I need to go through everything and try to downsize before I pack it all up. My new rule is, if it's been packed away for more than a year and has no sentimental value - it gets sold/tossed/donated! I don't want to end up on one of those horrible hoarding shows! So I might as well take care of it now!

Hopefully we'll be really quick about it and actually get a chance to do some of this:

What's in YOUR beach bag?


  1. Love your beach chair/bag. I bring basically all the same items with the additional snack and drink but end up carrying 2 bags and a chair. Where did you get your chair?

    1. Oh yeah I suppose I forgot that we also carry a separate small lunch backpack with food and extra water. But my water bottle is usually slid down where the umbrella goes!

      My boyfriend and I both have the exact same chair - same color, too! He bought his at Rite Aid. I bought mine at Ross. I've seen them at sporting good stores like Big 5 but they were about $10 bucks more.

  2. That's really cool. I don't have a beach bag.


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