Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ahem. Is This Thing On?

Oh dear, my dears! It has been quite a while since I've had a steady stream of blog posts!

What a time I've been having! As busy as I was, I didn't really have time to miss the internet and cable, but I'm glad to finally have it back! Here's a very quick rundown of what I've been up to ---

i miss her already!
  • I took a new position in my company and ended up with early morning hours and longer commute times 
  • I moved into a new house (away from mom & grandma) with the boypiece but it wasn't ready for my pooch. She was finally able to move in this past weekend 
  • The new house has a rat problem - including a dead one that started smelling on the day we moved in! We had to let it decay and we are JUST NOW getting past the "flies" stage. We will soon be able to use that bathroom! 
  • The landlords were here at the house EVERY DAY up until a week ago. So we are only just now feeling like we can settle in 
  • We took a trip to Yellowstone a week after we moved in -- no time to unpack! (phone pics posted, here)
  • We sold a lot of furniture and I'm still trying to get my craft room/office/dog room to a comfortably organized place. It's a mess 
  • My mom decided to move my grandma back to Utah next month. They'll be taking my grandma's two dogs and my mom's pooch, Ui-- she's the one who lets me dress her up and put her in silly poses. I'm gonna miss that sweetie -- AND MY MOMMY!!!! 
  • My big mutt, Katie turned 13 today! She's been showing signs of senior onset anxiety. She's pretty much scared of EVERYTHING all of a sudden. Poor baby. We've got a vet appointment on Saturday so I'm hoping they can help her get calm! 
  • I finally downloaded one of the 5 memory cards full of Yellowstone pics to my computer! I'm hoping to have at least a few posted by next week
  •  I also hope to be back up and running with regularly scheduled blog posts by next week! 

I hope you haven't completely forgotten about me and run off to the other side of the blogosphere!!!

I'm definitely glad to be back! What have y'all been up to?!

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