Sunday, December 23, 2012

DIY: Fleece Scraps Rug

Here's a fun project for those cozy nights in front of the TV!

Have you seen how expensive rugs are these days? It's pretty outrageous! So when I started decorating our new rental house, I knew I was going to need to figure out a way to make my own rugs.

I mostly wanted something soft and warm for when we step out of bed each morning. So I settled on these fleece rugs.

I will admit, it is VERY tedious work! So DVR your favorite series and set aside some time! Or do what I did and break it up over a couple of weeks and do a little bit each night. Altogether, depending on size, it should take you about 3-4 hours to finish one rug. (Yikes!)

The rug I made is 2x3 feet. And that is why I have yet to complete the second rug!

What you'll need:
  • Several yards of fleece (for my 2' x 3' rugs, I used almost 3 yards of each color)
  • cutting mat
  • rug mat (I found this in the latch hook section of JoAnn's Fabric). One mat can cut into two fairly large rugs. Or three smaller rugs.
  • good rotary cutter
You can either use one solid color, mix colors randomly, or create some sort of pattern. I chose the two colors to match our bedroom walls. I also ended up using fairly long strips of fleece. I would suggest using shorter strips for a fluffier rug (I will be doing that on my 2nd try!)

Step 1: Cut your fabric into strips approx. 3/4" width and 4" length (unless you plan on tying a knot, then you will want them slightly longer).

Step 2: Attach the strips to the rug mat by folding one end of a strip to make a point. Pull half way through one square, then pull the other end through the next square. Here is where you can make a design decision. You can either leave the strip pulled through, or you can tie it into a knot. I chose to tie knots along the border and just pulled the fabric through to fill it in.

I chose not to use knots the whole way through for two reasons: 1 - I felt it would take a LOT longer, and 2 - I thought it might be less comfortable to stand on a bunch of knots.

I also found that simply folding the strip in half made it easy enough to get through the squares on the rug mat. Some DIY instructions will tell you to cut the tips at an angle to make a point, it really isn't necessary and only takes more time!

Step 3: Continue cutting strips and bringing them through your mat until it is as full as you want it. The picture above shows the two different variations. The group on the left of the mat is made of 4 inch strips just pulled through. The group on the right is made of 6 inch strips that are knotted in the middle once the fabric was pulled through. I think the 4 inch strips have a nicer look. And since the strips are fairly wide and the mat squares are small, the fit is tight enough so they won't fall out!

Step 4: After several hours of cutting and pulling, enjoy your new rug!


  1. Do you pull through every single hole or every other one? Also will the strips fall out if you don"t tie them? Thank you so much!

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