Sunday, December 30, 2012

Snakes, Dragons and Hedgehogs! Oh My!

This is my life now (temporarily).

My niece is staying with us during her college's winter break. That means her menagerie of reptiles and amphibians are also visiting!

She will be studying Herpetology for graduate school. For now, she's breeding several different species.

It's pretty cool and I definitely like the cold-blooded visitors! But my Katie-pooch is a little unsure of what to think!

My craft room is a mess! My computer is hiding under piles of unorganized holiday gifts and decor. So for the next couple weeks, I'll be blogging from my phone (if at all)!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and have a fabulous new year! 2013!? Where does the time go?!?


  1. Aw... that first lizard is so tired! :)

    1. she was super cold and trying to warm up. the heater had busted that day :(

  2. ok, while the snakes freak me out, how CUTE is that hedgehog???


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