Saturday, May 25, 2013

Down on the Farm with Kangaroos!

Last month, the boypiece and I headed up north to buy some blueberry bushes for our garden. On our way up, we stopped by the Outback Kangaroo Farm. It's been in business for several years and this was the first I'd heard about it!

The Kangaroo Farm houses several different types of animals, including llamas, peacocks, wallabies, lemurs, emu, ostrich, donkeys, a miniature horse and several other exotics.

The tour takes you through the gates and into the animal pens. You walk amongst the animals and feed them as you learn about them. I got to hug an adult kangaroo, pet a wallaby and hold a baby kangaroo!

I even fed a llama by holding the food in my lips -- ewwww!

If you're ever in WA state, make your way up north and take a tour. The $9 entrance fee is totally worth the hour long experience!

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