Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Day 3: Candy Cane Nails

Day 3 of the 25 Days of Craftmas is all about you! Take a break from shopping and decorating and pamper yourself!

Get festive with some fun candy cane inspired nail polish! 

What you'll need:
Red nail polish
White nail polish
Clear top coat
Plastic cup
Paper towel

I checked out a couple of YouTube videos for marbleized nail designs. Let me warn you, it's pretty messy! Use a plastic cup that you don't mind getting dirty.

: fill the cup with water
: wrap each finger with tape to prevent a bigger mess!
: use white polish to paint a base coat

: add a drop or red polish to the water
: add a drop of clear (or white) polish in the center of the red
: this will push the last color out to the edge and create a ring
: repeat steps above until you have about six rings
: using a toothpick, pull the rings into the center and across to create a swirl pattern
: place a finger, nail side down, into the water
: use the toothpick to pull the excess color away from the finger 
: pull out your finger and let it dry

: once dry, use the scissors to remove the tape
: finish with a top coat

(Not so pretty at first!)

This was my first attempt and it's a bit sloppy. With a little practice you could get it to look pretty amazing!

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