Monday, April 28, 2014

Sun Rays and Garden Delays

Spring is most definitely here in Seattle. We're back to sunny days with rain and a few rainbows.

Greg and I have been incredibly busy with work, we haven't had much time for gardening. With the nice weather coming back, we decided it was time to open up the irrigation pipes and finally plant some veggies. And with that came the discovery of the burst pipes and other leaks!

After some time, we were able to chase down all of the leaks and Greg fixed up the busted pipe under the driveway. But that delayed us even further.

We spent an entire weekend pulling weeds and mixing in fresh organic compost to the raised beds. I even found a carrot left behind from last summer's crop!

This past weekend I dug up the old sod from Katie's "poo area", and we pressure washed the crap out of the back "yard" (which is really just tile, concrete and brick). We also planted some flowers and some veggies. So we have finally planted something in the ground, only about a month later than planned! 

Next weekend, we will finally have a chance to relax and enjoy with no big chores left. We just have to water and wait for something to grow. Fingers crossed that the veggies grow at least half as well as they did last year!

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