Sunday, December 28, 2014

Fox In The Henhouse

Welcome back from your turkey-induced food coma. I hope you all enjoyed the holidays (if celebrating) and were able to relax after the hustle and bustle. I definitely ate too much chocolate and went back for seconds more than once!

I am not the type to make a New Year's resolution because I know I'm the type who never keeps them! So I'm not even going to try that this year. I've got more important things to focus on. We are getting serious about our future plan of owning and operating a small farm. So small, I believe you would call it a hobby farm. But it will certainly seem large to us!

Last year we had a grand plan to try some landscape design and really make this house the prettiest on the block. However, things have changed and that is no longer important to us. Since this is just a rental and we won't be here for much longer, we'd rather focus on the future.So if we have to spend money, it needs to benefit "future us" somehow.

This weekend, we dug out the old flower bed to make room for more vegetables. We've cut back the cable bill and will use that extra money for animal husbandry courses over the next two years. We joined Seattle Tilth and expect to fill 2015 with farm tours, canning classes, and organic gardening workshops, instead of an expensive vacation.

Even though my early years were spent on a small farm like we're hoping to have, we are definitely green to the farm life. But the huge learning curve isn't discouraging me just yet. I'm really excited for this new future plan, and the fact that it is just around the corner! We hope to find the perfect place to setup shop sometime in the next 3 to 4 years.

This crafty blog of mine will turn it's focus a bit more toward homesteading DIYs while I learn the ropes. I still plan to keep my Etsy shops open and continue crafting. And we're not going full "prepper" (no booby traps on the property), but we do hope to become more self-sufficient. The main goal is to live more simply and know exactly where our food is coming from.

If you've got any advice - I'm all ears! (Just like the donkey we hope to have on our future farm.)

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