Monday, January 19, 2015

Pinterest Wins and Fails: Day 1

Welcome to day one of my blog mini-series, where I test Pinterest tutorials and recipes to find out if they really work!

Day 1 - Bacon Grease Candle

With Homesteading making a comeback, and Doomsday Prepping being a real thing, Pinterest is quickly becoming chock full of things you can make from items you already have around the house. Or simply producing less waste.

My doctor recently told me I needed to take Iron supplements and I am horrible at taking a daily dose of anything (procrastination, anyone?). As a substitution to pills, he suggested I cook in my cast iron skillet more often. What would be best cooked in cast iron? - why, bacon, of course!!

Now we've been eating a lot more bacon. And that equals a lot more cooking grease. I didn't want to dump it down the drain, so I started storing it in a can to be tossed into the trash once it congealed. Seeing it in the can I thought, "huh, why not turn that into a candle, I wonder if it's possible?"

One quick Pinterest search later, I had confirmation that a bacon grease candle was not only possible, but also very easy to make! I went to the craft store and bought some wicks, then gave it a go.

It was pretty simple, heat up the grease in my Pyrex measuring cup, strain out the food bits, put the wick in a recycled jam jar, fill with bacon grease.

It worked!



It had a very low flame.

It also, unfortunately, did NOT smell like bacon. (booooo!) In the case of a power outage, the light it produced would not be strong enough to read by. It was fine for a few minutes (like in the pictures), but then it kept getting dimmer and smaller until it was puny and pathetic.

So although it technically works, based off the Pinterest tutorial, I'd consider it a fail.

Here are a couple of tips I found out later and will try next time: 
1) use two wicks, braided together for a stronger flame, or
2) mix the bacon grease with beeswax or another candle wax.

Come back tomorrow to find out if the "Best sugar cookie recipe" truly is the best!

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