Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Pinterest Wins and Fails: Day 2

Let me preface this post by being completely honest - I do NOT spend a lot of time in the kitchen. I'm lucky enough to have landed a man who not only loves to cook, but is also very good at it.

Did I ever tell you about the time I burned water? Well, not so much burned as I let it all evaporate out of the kettle until the kettle itself had melted onto the burner. Yes, I'm that bad in the kitchen.

And that is why this next test is not so much of a Pinterest fail as it is a Tsuki fail. I fudged it big time. I truly do believe these cookies would have been fairly spectacular had I not messed with the recipe.

So without further ado, I give you the second installment of:

Day two is a recipe for the Best Sugar Cookie Ever!
[ find the recipe here ]
I'm not too horrible when I follow a recipe. But I quickly become overwhelmed in the kitchen, which then leads to frustration and impatience. This usually results in some sort of error in the execution of the recipe itself.

In this particular case, it was too much vanilla extract.

And really, I don't fully blame myself. I blame the asshole who originally opened the bottle of vanilla extract (which I'm pretty sure was me), and thought it was clever to leave half of the protective plastic covering.

So in my haste to get through the making and the baking and quickly skip ahead to the eating of the cookies, I fumbled. I poured the vanilla extract into my tiny measuring spoon. And like a complete idiot, I poured it the wrong way.

See how the plastic still covers half of the opening? I had this upside down. So when I poured it out, it basically created some sort of evil vanilla vortex that quickly gained speed. Instead of pouring out like a sweet babbling brook over the plastic, it bubbled and gushed like Niagra falls - landing everywhere but inside my tiny measuring spoon.

Did you know it's almost completely impossible to scoop liquid out of a bowl full of dry ingredients? It really is quite difficult.

But I wasn't about to scrap the ingredients and start again. This is about creating less waste, right?

So I baked the crap out of those cookies, sea-of-vanilla be damned!

And you know what? They weren't half bad! They were thinner than I would like, which led them to be more crumbly the next day. And they sure tasted like vanilla! But they also tasted like sugar and cookie, so it wasn't completely horrible.

That is why I consider this a Pinterest Win! If it hadn't been for my blunder, they may have been perfectly delicious.

Tomorrow I discover a cheaper way of making your house smell fresh!

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