Monday, June 14, 2010

Etsy Craft Party & Shop Hop


Instructions to create the passport: 
Download the .pdf file.  Print it double-sided. Put the pages in order of printing. Cut along dotted line on first page. Fold in 1/2 and staple in the middle. This will be your Shop Hop passport. Have the participating shops stamp on their corresponding page. And use the maps to help you plan your route! Have fun!

It's down to the wire as the party date is fast approaching! This Friday (June 18th) is the big Etsy Craft Party and Shop Hop that I've been organizing with the help of Kelli & Danae! I've got last-minute stuff to get done, including the finishing touches on the passport and maps!  But it's coming together quite nicely!

Kelli and I spent all of Saturday (literally, ALL OF SATURDAY) running around Seattle, picking up donations and dropping off flyers for participating stores. We were drooling over all the goodies that will be on sale for the shop hop attendees! I wish I could have the day off work to participate, but this way, I won't break the bank!

Etsy sent me an email this morning stating that if we can double the RSVPs we currently have, they'll give us a special reward. I seriously doubt it's possible, but it's worth a try. :)

Here are the details of the day. Remember to RSVP whether you're coming to the party or the hop - or both! RSVP HERE! And pass it on to everyone you know!

Passports & maps will be available to print by Thursday. If you are going on the Shop Hop, you MUST bring the passport to get the discounts!

Participating Shop Hop stores include:
  • Bluebottle Gallery + Cakespy
  • Schmancy
  • FriendShop
  • Victrola Coffee & Art
  • Aprie on Broadway
  • Dick Blick Art Supply
  • Utrecht Art Supply
  • Retrofit
  • NuBe Green
  • Retail Therapy
  • Reconstructed Clothing
  • Friends & Co
  • Assemble
  • Monster Arts & Clothing
  • Ophelia's Books
  • Frank & Dunya
  • Twilight Artists Collective
  • Sugar Rush Baking Co.
The Etsy Craft Party event will take place at Vermillion on Capitol Hill after the Shop Hop. Show up, bring a pair of scissors, bring your buisness cards to pass out and mingle with other crafty people!  We will be holding a couple of raffles with proceeds to benefit New Beginnings shelter for battered women and their children.

We will also be crafting projects that you can take home or donate to the children in the shelter. The craft stations will have all materials required (except scissors - seriously, don't forget yours!)
  • Foam party crowns and funny masks
  • Foam mustaches/lips on a stick
  • Paper bunting
  • Tissue paper flowers/corsages
If you plan to be in the Portland area on this day, please check out their event and join the fun!

Hope to see you Friday!

P.S. Vermillion is a gallery with a bar - therefore, it is not kid-friendly. We will not be supplying food or drinks but you can buy some at the bar and it is highly recommended!


  1. thanks! I guess i was in an easter egg kinda mood :P

  2. So now that I see the long list of stores
    (very cool, by the way), do we go to all of those together? How does that part work?

  3. It's not an organized group event. So you can go to as many or as few stores as you'd like. Some are outside of downtown for people coming in from other areas.

    It might be overwhelming (for the stores) if everyone shows up at once. But I highly encourage small groups of 2-4 to try to get together and carpool/save on parking fees :) Up to you!

  4. shop hop sounds fun! enjoy your party.

  5. Great job Tsuki! Can't wait for tomorrow...

  6. Is this event open to people who do not sell on Etsy? I am a crafter and Etsy buyer who would very much love to attend the crafting party, but I don't want to feel like I'm 'crashing' an event not intended for me.

  7. it is open to the public! It's a party put on by Etsy but it's for anyone who enjoys crafting! so yes, please come on out!

  8. thanks for the directions! helpful as always. :P

  9. Wish I knew about the Shop Hop earlier, would have loved to participate and get my new art gallery on the list. Tasty is one block north of Assemble, for those who make it to Greenwood/Phinney Ridge. Our current exhibit is a Sci-Fi show with 18 custom painted/decorated flying saucers and the shop is filled with hand-made art & products from 50 local designers!
    Truly, Sheri @ Tasty 7513 Greenwood ave n.

  10. sorry! We had 3 people calling local shops and I know some were missed. I'll post your info on our FB event page, too :)


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