Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Desert Terrarium Tutorial + Giveaway!

I've been postponing this post forever! It's finally here -- my Desert Terrarium Tutorial! There are a couple different types of terrariums you can choose to do. You can choose an open container or one with a lid. You will probably want to decide on the type of terrarium before you buy your ingredients. If you choose to do an open-air container, you can skip the charcoal. There is also really no need for the Spanish Moss most tutorials will tell you to use.

I chose to do a cactus desert terrarium because I think cacti are pretty darn interesting plants! Just handle them carefully, you may want protective gloves when planting them or getting them out of their containers.

Here is what you will need for this type of terrarium:

  • cactus plants & other succulents
  • pebbles (small and large)
  • sand (store bought, not from a beach!)
  • soil (I used special soil for cactus planting_
  • container - glass or terra cotta
  • decorative pieces
  • charcoal (if using a lid)

  1. Wash and dry your glass container
  2. Add a small layer of pebbles to the bottom of your container. (If using a lid, add your layer of charcoal on top of this)
  3. Add your soil layer, deep enough to plant your roots
  4. Remove your plant from it's plastic container and trim the roots, forming a cone
  5. Plant your cactus and/or other succulents and add more soil to the top of the roots
  6. Add a layer of sand over the top of the soil
  7. Arrange larger pebbles/rocks and add your chosen decorations

    Make sure you keep it watered and in sunlight! And have fun trying out different design layouts in your container. Its fun to change the scene every once in a while by changing out your decorative pieces.

    And that leads me to....The Giveaway!

    This time I will pick TWO winners who will each receive a small pack of decorative terrarium pieces. These packs include: 3 fireman, 3 policeman, 2 dinosaurs and 5 pink flamingos!!!

    How to enter: 
    • Follow my blog and leave a comment below with your email address

    For extra entries, do any of the following then leave a new comment below to let me know how you have entered (with a link to any tweets or blog posts):

    • "Like" my Facebook Fan Page
    • Follow me on Twitter
    • Tweet about my giveaway (link to this post and include @littlegrayfox in your tweet)
    • Blog about my giveaway
    I will pick a winner next Tuesday and announce it on my blog. If you miss it, I'll also email the winners. Feel free to pass it along to anyone you think might be interested! And good luck!

    **EDIT** Giveaway winners announced HERE


    1. Cactus! i dont think i would be able to kill them so i am so in to have one at my desk. i have some chickens i can add to it.

    2. Now you've got me thinking I should make a terrarium for my cactus :-)
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    3. Count me in!

      krista dot rowles at usbank dot com

    4. I am following you on twitter as Heckofarush

      krista dot rowles at usbank dot com

    5. I tweeted the giveaway at http://twitter.com/#!/Heckofarush/status/20750655345922048

    6. I am a fan on your FB page

      krista dot rowles at usbank dot com

    7. I love this! Really cool giveaway!


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