Friday, September 10, 2010

It's Crafty Challenge time!

The Crafty Challenge #2 deadline is upon us {happy Friday, btw}! I hope you all had time to finish up and take your photos...I know I did everything last minute!

So our theme was "A Little Birdy Told Me". The challenge was to interpret that theme into a project using any medium you, painting, sculpture, embroidery..etc.

I decided to use polymer clay for old favorite medium in my crafting, although lately, I've been doing more with felt and embroidery. So my take on the theme was fairly literal. I chose a woodland setting with an old fashioned tin can & string phone {did you ever make those when you were a kid?}.  The photos might not be clear enough, but on the bird's end, it's a music note and on the fox's end, it's hearts coming out. So the birdy is singing into one end and it's coming out as love on the other :)

{click on the photos for larger detail}

I'm trying a new thing with the McLinky tools. To enter the challenge, make a blog post with photos of your entry. Grab the link to your blog post and paste it into the McLinky tool below (where it says click here to enter). That will run you thru a quick setup where you can paste the link, choose a title and grab a thumbnail photo. Then it will show up on my post so people viewing here can check out everyone's easily!

Cross your fingers!!

Thanks to everyone who played along this time! If you didn't get a chance to make something, I'll be having another challenge soon!


  1. Wow everybody! Such great entries! I love the variations! THank you so much for participating! I hope you all had fun making your projects!!

  2. yaaaaay! this was super fun!! i love everyone's entries!!!! :D

    when's the next one????

  3. Oh I just found this..can't wait for the next one, sounds like fun!

  4. geeez, Tsuki. you are REALLY good at clay. the details are just amazing!

  5. @Leyla I should be posting the next theme sometime next week. And it'd be great to have more participants :)

    @Kelli :p thanks lady. I wish I had some of the old clay sculptures I did when I was first getting into it. I think I threw out whatever didn't sell. silly, huh?

  6. It sounds like fun
    ~Stopping by from SITS


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