Saturday, October 16, 2010

Welcome to the Adventures of Creepy Alien Basket Cat!

So I had originally bought Creepy Alien Basket Cat as a joke. When I saw him at the thrift store, I just couldn't help but use him to torture my friend, Kelli. But now the little guy has grown on me. And so I decided to document his crazy life in the new Adventures of Creepy Alien Basket Cat! I plan to make it a monthly installment, but it might be more often, depending on how much Kelli can handle ;) Even after taking a poll and realizing he probably is a seal and not a cat, I decided I prefer to think of him as a creepy kitty.

So let me introduce you to Creepy Alien Cat Basket, a.k.a. Creepy Larry.

Creepy Larry likes to roller skate. He can't balance well on in-line blades, so he keeps it old school with his rainbow kicks. Go, creepy Larry, go!

Creepy Larry says "Let's Roll!"


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